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As Nbc Prepares For A Late-night Transition, Everyone Is On Message (so Far)

The SNL-ization of NBC's late night will be complete. Fallon already promises a new Tonight Show theme, based in part on a song by his house band, The Roots, but concocted as mash-up of ideas between him, his staff and the band. He'll make history bringing in a rap group as the house band for The Tonight Show, pulling the musicians back into the center of the franchise in a way viewers haven't seen homepage for years. This transition will likely go a lot smoother than four years ago. Fallon has a broader audience than O'Brien had, more of Leno's fans seem to like him, his relentlessly upbeat personality helps bridge the generation gap with fans and, with Michaels in his corner, there seems little chance NBC will pull the same bait-and-switch which doomed O'Brien. Also, it helps that Leno isn't talking much.
More http://www.npr.org/blogs/monkeysee/2014/01/21/264552902/as-nbc-prepares-for-a-late-night-transition-everyone-is-on-message-so-far

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