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Kim Kardashian Not Invited To Kendall Jenner?s Birthday Party? | Webpronews

I asked Kim, Oh, are you going tonight? and she was like, I didnt know Kendall was doing anything! Khloe said. I dont know if she was late to be invited, but Im invited, so I feel good about that! If Kim was left out intentionally, it wouldnt be the first time this has happened. Kendall Jenner didnt want Kim Kardashian at her runway shows because she feared attention would turn to her and not Kendalls accomplishments in her modeling career. Its apparently a non-issue that Kim wasnt invited to Kendalls party, because the New York Daily News reports that she showed up anyone. And on top of that, she had bleached her eyebrows. Kim shared the questionable look via a photo on her Instagram account. Kim Kardashian may not have been the only surprise guest at Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars birthday party.

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