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Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kanye West Buys Daughter North A $62,000 Tiara, Wants To Gain Kim Back At Xmas

> For Kim, hes got particularly commissioned developer clothing, shoes, bags, and also jewels, too, a source informed the Daily Mail. Well, in fact he asked his beautician to do it. The divorce rumors have actually been growing for Kim Kardashian as well as Kanye West, with records that the couple has actually been living apart and also getting into constant battles. Within the span of simply a couple of weeks there were guides that the couple spent Thanksgiving holiday apart and afterwards Kanye failed to bring Kim and North along to his family members reuniting. Others have actually claimed that Kanye intends to relocate to Paris, leaving his family behind in the states. But not everybody believes the reports. Chatter Cop, a website that regularly takes apart celeb reports, declares that several of the records originate from websites that have lied about the Kardashians in the past. Gossip Police officer specifies that untrue reports regarding Kanye spending Christmas in Paris without Kim came from numerous outlets, including VH1s The Chatter Table.

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